The Book

How the pursuit of a meaningful life leads to creating Legacies.
And how you can get started on yours.

For thousands of years philosophers have told us how to be happy. Now Robb Lucy confirms the formula is at our fingertips: Don’t leave your Legacy. LIVE your Legacies!

You don’t have to be rich or famous (or dead) to leave a Legacy. And they aren’t all about money.

Robb will show you the joy and benefit of creating your Legacies when you’re young and healthy.


After looking at Legacy and Time, Ego, Religion, Sex, Money… Robb shows how to create Legacies with your values and signature strengths. You’ll find yourself saying “Wow. That gives me an idea!”

With an easy writing style, and many stories, Robb shows how to create Legacies tiny to large, Legacies that will put a smile on your face, enhance lives now, and will continue to positively affect others when you say goodbye. ‘Happy’ isn’t leaving a Legacy; it’s LIVING your Legacies!

You’ll discover:

  • how to create the ultimate Legacy for your family.
  • the only question you need to gather the stories of a special loved one.
  • how to create multiple Legacies using your own values, talents, skills and resources.
  • stories of simple and grand Legacies that will inspire and stir your imagination.

No, Legacies aren’t for dead people. They’re for those of us who want to lead rich, happy, connected and meaningful lives – Now!

This book is your start.

I couldn’t believe how it caught my interest. You explained how beneficial our Legacies would be to future generations and how to get started. It’s easy to read with a humorous touch, great stories, and a sense of urgency. A terrific book.
Wilf WilkinsonPast President – Rotary International

Legacies aren’t just for dead people
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The Author

Meet the man they call ‘The Legacy Guy’.
He’s got sharing in his DNA.

author Robb Lucy is a natural communicator – a writer, producer, and connector. He was a journalist with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation before forming his own company, producing mixed media for corporations and governments around the world.

Robb spent 25 years on the local, national, and international boards of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and continues to help develop non-profi ts in literacy, sports history, and cancer awareness.

Robb has always found the question, “What will your Legacy be?” an intriguing one. He now knows his Legacies will be about happiness and purpose… and will continue to be until those annoying water buffalo take him away. You can reach Robb at

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Robb Lucy has invented a discipline too often left to guys with tall hats, beards, or preachy voices. His book contains many of his notable qualities: explosive brilliance, wit, grace, originality and constant surprises.
Keith Spicer Journalist & Author, Paris, France

Legacy downloads

1, 2, 3… Legacy! More helpful tips on creating your Legacies.

You haven’t read the book yet? Well, download the first chapter on your right and give it a read. We’re confident you’ll love it and want to read further to find out what your Legacies can be!

You’ve already read the book? Terrific. You know the book has changed your life already! You might have already finished your first Legacy (remember: ‘TELL your story’) and are enthusiastic to begin others. But there’s more information here to help give you a new perspective on what your Legacies can be, and how to create them. So, here’s a little extra help to TELL, GATHER or CREATE your Legacies: ‘The Legacy Starter.’ You’ll find some helpful elements:
legacy starter

  • More ‘How happy are you?’ web sites
  • A review of your Raw Materials (values, talents, skills, resources)
  • A list of 400 values to choose from to TELL your story.
  • More questions to ask to help GATHER your stories.
  • Ideas to help you CREATE your stories.

All you need to do is add your name and email address to the right, download The Legacy Starter, print it out, and add more valuable elements to your Legacy Journal. Then begin sharing your new Legacy stories with others in The Legacy Story Forum.


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Don’t want their story to disappear?

We can help.
With your story. Or theirs.

You know that time can work against you.

You know you should collect the story of that special person, but you haven’t had the time.

POOF – the opportunity is gone. The Legacy Clock struck first. Time won.

legacy story gathering services Robb Lucy’s company, Engage Communications, has 35 years of experience in story-gathering… and story-telling.

Ask us about the costs and timelines to collect and produce the stories you don’t want to disappear.

It could be your story… a special person’s… or a whole family’s story.

Whether audio, video or print, you can rest assured the best stories will be found, told… and preserved. For a free consultation send an email, with your phone number, to Robb or a Legacy team producer will quickly return the call.


Robb is also a memorable Keynote Speaker who will leave the audience of your meeting or convention with smiles on their faces and hundreds of ideas in their heads. Contact our representative or Robb directly.


My mother told me the other day that there’s a lot she’d like to know, but there’s nobody left to ask. The door to the past is closed.
Garrison Keillor

The Legacy Story Forum

Want to hear some great Legacy stories?
Keep reading.

forum WOW! After you’ve read the book, learn what Legacy builders around the world are creating by participating in the Legacy Story Forum. Borrow the brains and hearts of these International Legacy builders! Share your values, skills, and talents, then ask, “What Legacies do you think I could create with these?” And donate your experience to other Legacy builders who need your wisdom. What a powerful, global brain trust! To participate in the Legacy Story Forum, sign up with a username and email, or if you’ve already done that, sign in.

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